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Effy crossed her legs as she smiled up at the boy. “Well you have a pretty out there name yourself.” She took a couple drags off another cigarette she just lit. Sometimes she could be a chain smoker. This was one of those times. This university was stressing her out. “I like Elijah better personally.” Her smirk lit up her face as she took another inhale. He wasn’t a bad looking boy. Exhale. Effy smiled as she looked at him. A lot of the time her smile was really showing. It hard for her to even want to smile sometimes. But she didn’t put on a fake smile for him. “I think we can get along pretty well, yeah?” she asked. Her accent was probably pretty thick for him but his was different to her too.

Effy smiled up at Eli with a light smile yet again. It was hard for her to even understand why he liked it here. “You really like it here?” she said as her eyebrow raised up. His accent was just intriguing her. Secretly she wanted him to talk more just so she could listen to it. “You’re the first Canadian boy I’ve met here,” she said with a slight laugh. Her smirk was lighting up her face. “My room mate said everyone in Canada owns a moose. But I think she’s just a huge fucking twat.” Effy was looking at him up and down. Just make notes. He was interesting to her. She took a couple deep inhales from her cigarette before tossing it on the ground and stepping on it. “Want to get a couple drinks?” Hopefully he understood by a couple drinks all British people meant many, many, many rounds. “This place is a dead beat anyway.” Her eyes rolled as she got up from the bench. A lot of people were too scared to talk to Effy here. So she gave him a lot of credit for that.

Eli furrowed his eyebrows and shrugged his shoulders lightly when she commented on liking his full name, rather than the shortened version. “Really? I can hardly think of a time that I’ve used my real name,” he said, looking down at his hands and twisting the big silver ring around his thumb absentmindedly. He watched as Effy took a few drags from her new cigarette, and he sighed, leaning back against the wood of the bench. She seemed friendly enough, and generally interested in talking to him. He caught her glaze a smiled nervously, nodding in return. “Yeah, I think so,” he said, folding his hands in his lap. Her accent was very thick, but he liked it. She wasn’t hard to understand, by any means, but her voice was strong and her accent was different. 

Eli couldn’t help but laugh, a genuine laugh, when she explained what her friend had said about Canadians. “I definitely don’t own a moose. You’re friend is a little off on her information,” he said with a smirk, his eyes locking with hers. He followed her gaze as she left it drift for a moment, noting that she was taking in his full appearance. He let his eyes do the same, taking in the shape and curve of her body, before looking back up to her eyes once again. She stood and put out her cigarette, and he joined her, shoving his hands in his front pockets. “Sure, yeah,” he said, nodding lightly. “That sounds good. Lead the way, you know the area more than I do,” 


Effy could feel someone’s presence. It didn’t bother her cause whoever they were didn’t seem to much of a talker. Everyone here had to talk about something or someone. It was frustrating to her. Nobody was calm or peaceful. They all had to be in your face but that was what the people here were like. She brushed a few strands of hair out of her face. He made his presence known by saying hello to her. “Hello,” she mumbled back with a smirk on her face. She could smell the nicotine coming from his freshly lit cigarette.

At least it wasn’t someone trying to tell her to quit smoking. Those were the type of people that had no stress at all. Effy looked at him from the corner of her eye. “Don’t you know smoking is bad for your health,” she said mockingly of the people here. Everything was bad for your health. “Effy Stonem,” she said softly holding out her hand to him. She wasn’t a very talkative girl. Only did she say a few words at a time. Most of the time she had a smirk on her face. Next to them on another bench was some guy feeling up a girl. “Impressive,” she sneered at the couple. “Get a room twats,” she hollered over to them. The couple got up from the bench and walked away. Effy rolled her eyes. It was obvious she was annoyed with them.

“If you’re a canadian boy I apologize for the people of Bristol. They can be… morons.” It was true. Even if Effy did some of the things that they did. She wasn’t like they were. She actually hated the way that they could be. It was disgusting that they even had people just out in public getting their freak on. She just took a couple more drags off her cigarette. Just feeling the nicotine go through her body calmed her down from everything. These people would learn how to fucking party and do right if that was the last thing she did. Effy exhaled all the smoke from her lungs. She had been smoking for years. Even though there was an ashtray she just threw it in the grass.

Eli laughed quietly, his voice low, and shook his head in response. “I’m well aware,” he said, nodding towards her own cigarette to make a point, though he knew she was only kidding. She held a smirk on her lips that he had to have guessed was trademark, very much like his own, and he couldn’t help but return the gesture. She held out a hand and introduced herself as Effy, and he half-smiled, taking her hand in his and shaking it gently. “Interesting name,” he answered, his gaze never leaving hers, and he spoke with confidence when he introduced himself as well. “Elijah Goldsworthy. You can call me Eli,” he said with a curt nod, before he turned away and took another drag from his cigarette. He had expected to come out here and smoke alone, or at least beside someone that annoyed him, like most others. He was pleasantly surprised to have lucked out on his smoking buddy.

They were quiet for a moment longer, but it wasn’t awkward. They continued with their cigarettes silently, and he figured she was just thinking to herself, much like he did. This was his down time, and it relaxed him. After a while, she looked over her shoulder to the bench beside theirs, her expression suddenly cross. He followed her gaze and saw what had annoyed her, the couple that were, most shamelessly, going at it. Eli snorted softly at their disregard to Effy and himself, not much more than fifteen feet away from them. She yelled to them, and they came up for air, taking a moment to gather themselves, before getting up and walking away. He laughed and looked back over to meet Effy’s gaze. She was a spitfire, and it intrigued him, even without having known her at all. “No need to apologize,” he said, looking down at his hands, before flicking his cigarette to the cement, and stepping on it absentmindedly. “As different as it is here, I like it.”


Effy sat down on her bed folding her arms as she looked out the window. It had been so quiet around her. She pushed herself off the bed walking down the hallway. Some girl stopped her. “Oh Elizabeth, cute cashmere.” Effy narrowed her eyes at the girl. She was dumber then she looked, wasn’t she?…

Eli walked aimlessly, his eyes scanning the ground, and the sides of the brick building to his left, every so often. It was getting pretty late, and the sky hadn’t shown any signs of daylight in quite some time now. He had needed some fresh air, and a moment to himself. Eli had spent the day unpacking and working on finishing touches with his dorm room. It had been boring and tedious, but now that the work was done, he felt relieved. Bristol was a lot different than where he spent most of his life, in Toronto. At night like this, it still wasn’t totally quiet, and people were still awake, most of them partying. It was louder here, and people were more unfriendly, but Eli didn’t really mind. He wasn’t a people-person to begin with, and wasn’t all too concerned with making new friends.

Eli rounded a corner, and made his was over to a bench where someone else sat, figuring they wouldn’t mind too much if he joined them. Sitting down in silence, Eli let his gaze fall over the girl beside him, taking in what she looked like. She had dark hair, her outfit was well coordinated, and her make-up was smudged. She seemed different, and her appearance was untamed, intriguing him immediately. Nodding to her slightly, he let a smirk form along the corner of his lip. “Hey,” he said in greeting, his voice breaking the night’s silence. Eli reached into his back pocket and pulled out his own cigarettes, taking one, and lighting it with his lighter. Bringing the cigarette to his lips, he took a drag and exhaled slowly, looking out in front of him to avoid the girl’s gaze. Smoking was something Eli had only recently picked up, and habit that developed only after the past few months, and everything going to shit. He had quit taking medication for his anxiety because it numbed him out, but cigarettes soothed him, and made him feel less anxious. After a day of cleaning and setting up, Eli felt like he needed it.

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